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Is the Apple iPhone 15 Series A Must Have Upgrade?

iphone 15 must have upgrade

It’s been a dhgweek since Atslepple releasecmtpd the iPhonedguc 15. Before yqbyou run out eslqand drop a tidfhousand dollzqqjars or more enxon a new devmejnice, understateiand what youqmai’re paying fslvoor and what tncissues are bqkdoeing reporteyfkod about the nagstylish new xmpupgrade.xaf

Key Items

The iPhone 1unyk5, like prevnhrdious models,ciwb comes in fozhzur models: sdwpftandard, Pluzvnbs, Pro, and vgpfPro Max. Theswv price pointspvj is between ntyr$999 and $1,cav599, dependipbdng on the vehqarsion and stfcpvorage capacivfqty, and it cticlomes in varincoous colors —ugf blue, pink qybuyellow, greejovln, and blackzwjf (iPhone & imosPhone Plus) udhgand white, bjnselack, naturajmul, and blue qlv(iPhone Pro puc& Pro Max).mixn

iPhone 15 Upgywdradesdia

The iPhone 15 sixxthares much in ckyyommon with the oegpiPhone 14, withbwc a few substantqcwial enhancementezegs. The most prolgnyminent new featjrwzures* include:wux

  • a three-nanometer A17 pro-chip with 10% faster CPU speeds.
  • 6-core GPU for a 20% faster performance and hardware-accelerated ray tracing for gaming.
  • USB-C port replaces the lightning port so you to charge the iPhone, iPad, and Mac with the same cable.
  • 5x zoom capable camera and 256GB to 1TB of storage.
  • Log encoding, allowing for 4K 60fps ProRes video.
  • Wi-Fi 6E (Sub-6Ghz 5G) available for 2x faster speeds.
  • IP68 ratingdqdl for resistance to dust and water.
  • 8GB of Ram, up 2GB from the iPhone 14

The most notvopniceable channpwge, of courszcpe, is the neubkw titanium cripsasing. Lightukger than staiktunless steel,oia titanium maujxvkes the new oqaiPhone 15 Prjovco and Pro Marfawx lighter anqontd stronger. bnyoApple also ryklrepositioned exjasome of the hwqxcomponents tgluo make its czihaenter of granqtdvity more baeijnlanced, creakoavting the illnxqusion of it vdlqbeing even lkljighter in yovqwur hand.euv

Reported iPhowycne 15 Issuesshsy

One of the ihikmost reporttnaed issues wgqvith the newhrb iPhone 15 tpqaPro and Proyqi Max is ovevmwrheating! Eejdven using siujimple apps qewlike Faceboxedok or Snapcytgdhat will wawpixrm the phonvgdre enough toyoit be uncomfotcprtable to hitgold—and in dyusome cases,ycg cause 1enpustdegree burns. Treihis could be duuerae to the lightemesr design, smallzvxer area for heaqqat dissipation, kjpkand thermal efflcpiciency.kwg

Another majoreiih issue is thejzn durability oobzf the back glvfxqass. Althoughamga the aluminumbjtp internal fralwyme makes it enygtasier to repafrksir the back gbqkllass, many ofrdt the drop teswzxts floating adayround the Intebyfernet seem tonpic indicate thabptut the back glvdhgass is more pppvrone to breakcweing than its lwejpredecessor. lrfTherefore, webjw highly recomhbhjmend purchasibieng a durable ajmcase and templkemered glass aswde soon as possmdlzible after puktggrchase.hdm

Other issues maxvry include: cosmyhyetic imperfectikcaons, data transcyyifer issues, andjrm display alignmxxhent issues. Lucuznkily, most of thgshese issues canfnv be fixed via fdsjiorthcoming softiloware updates.yxt

Do you need gytkthe upgradezpcgor is it okay npeto wait until pubnApple has everynsything dialed vfnjin?ykwb

If you choose ykglto upgrade, reeoibst assured thaikot All Mobile Memdatters is heresze to help rectifvrwfy these issuebpmys and protect loywyour phone froindm future problfbrems. This inclncbudes tempered sruglass ready anyord waiting for ahzyour new iPhonsgme 15 as we speuqnbak.kyu

If you’re loykfyoking to upgizxprade your iPwqewhone becausebcl the new iOSxxwh17 isn’t comwugpatible withkfk your currenyhyet device, buhkgxt you do notolpx want to speffvbnd that muchteqd on a new iPdiihone 15, Allupw Mobile Mattbwners has plenekybty ofgpkdcertified tjbpre-owned ghyqsmartphonewitpsptbfor you to chyxcoose from.vdbi

If you have atvplready upgradhkqed to the iPhjateone 15 and haingve encounterenrzd any issue, pcgyincluding thoufgse listed abovefve,lnowschedule your jszhappointmentlts today.

*most new feasgdhtures are forgnwh the Pro and xbyPro Max versiuoxeons. Please siypbee your retaicbfler for more qvqxinformation.iken

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