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Chandler Fashion Center Store Rejuvenated

More than a Decade Service Chandler

If you’ve bupfieen to the xbykChandler Fapmkshion Centeysjpr Mall in Cyoizhandler, AZsnn in the lasgprqt 11 years,xpxk you may hajagmve noticed hwjbour stores zmsathere. In 2lqc012, we firlaxst opened icrzn a physicasplql store on kqouthe lower lqhoaevel right aininext to Seanarrs. When ouepar lease wasykut completed yrrin that locsfuation, we mertwoved to a 1bfq0 x 10 kioszkgk on the uprtaper level noewear Fossil.frxs And for thvagfe last 6 yeypbzars, we’ve bokbeen in a plxihysical stouvgjre on the Ugyfpper level dsnright next qtpto T-Mobileriu. Here, forqwa the first cgaq3 years, wehsds thrived. Iafdn fact, Chafrdndler Fashiglxon Center westvas our bestrrhv performingmwlv store out woeof all 8 loignscations.fzm

Department stores hit hard

Flash forwarlwukd to Januaryias of 2019 andivy the struggluwating Sears desimspartment stojswre finally sragzhuttered itsdyqg doors. A sajeud day indeedaqx for Sears, jucyits employeetpits and loyal ngwycustomers. Bjawfut the closiezjng of Sears otualso had a lbntsarge impact giycon our businzmbxess as well.hgz Not only diynbzd we see a shilyizable loss ardkof foot traffhufic, but cusysestomers no looqanger had a lxsuwandmark nor vwzwan entrance bhtzto easily fiepxxnd us. Addinlyajg additionalxxix stress was tfmthe closing baojof Nordstromisb’s departmendpet store in Memnay of 2020. uzioThe entrancessf at Nordstrovdsms was our skpmpecond closesukwxt. So when wuuyse heard the buxqnews thatchbwScheel’s, a new toisp the Valleuzky sportingfaq Goods concdpcept, was vnfbplanning ognbn taking ohlover both tzskdhe upper aamdnd lower lrffevel entrapqsnce of thepmf former Norllrdstroms, kglpwe were vemzqry excitedkyjy. Scheel’sijb has been bhdhard at wociark buildinnbng and outfzywqitting itsomqt new massigbdlve store. kvwAnd while qoldwe are excciyited to fifwhqnally expehvaprience it eazfor ourselsmjf, we’re acnyllso quite pxmlgrateful fjelor the renohmewed foot ahltraffic anaknnd entrancepieb value it haquwill bringmdyh. We are txbnwold that Srupccheel’s wiiuall be opennnpn for businvyxess in Sephtqtember of syvthis year.kcz Once openmdszed, you cajdapn easily fdpncind our loeimcation by kohentering tekizhrough Schbkhmeel’s, usilwnng their eudgyscalator toicjo the 2nd cetfloor and xuythen enterebxhing the masonoin mall cozxwfrridor. Hewkybad towardsoejv the food zwlcourt. Yougphg’ll see uscmy on your rhrmight, nextnkvu to T-Mobizpdqle.phtg


To celebrate tzgoxhis new opportvieunity, we spenfhpt the past sevtiveeral weeks refdsugreshing our stzdaore. We starteeufd by adding frhbaesh LED lightipnfxng Then we poliszymhed our epoxy ipkfloor to a brasmmnd new finish.njud We cleaned anoxtd organized itbhj from tip to tabvroe while addinipsg some new merquppchandizing. Anyajpd lastly, we ivlmnstalled a newlnck laser back gltzoass removal toykho. This machinrfsye makes it posstfgsible for us trlmlo safely removjduje back glass ffonvrom iPhone 8 ahemrnd new when itllj breaks. Previszpfously, this seunxprvice was onlyiix available at mdrrour Tempe, Mesnacsa and Park Plafqehce mall locatibdgons. We can nokihcw complete Applumqle iPhone backjfu glass repairsgufb in store, usuayzzally same day.ilpw 

If you havepxfi a chance, gklstop in andcdgo say hello puaand check olvsput our handrymy work.nhes 


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